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About us


Adapted from an article published on the occasion of Danielle and Jean's first anniversary at À la maison Campbell B&B (« B&B writes new chapter of house's history », Rochelle Lash, The Gazette, p. D7, April 15, 2004).

"Jean realized in 2003 that he would rather wield a hammer than a pen. Jean graduated in kinesiology (or exercise science) and is a medical researcher and professor of medicine at Laval University. He decided to give up academia to join his wife, Danielle, in buying À la maison Campbell B&B in Magog. "I was working at Laval University and I took a sabbatical to think it out, and things are very clear now. I love this life of running the inn, living in a 100-year old house and having people appreciate this lovely place - that's really what makes us both happy." Jean takes it as a way of life. He loves doing maintenance - what he calls "loving care and attention. I'm the handy man and the waiter" he says.

About us


For Danielle, it was no contest. For 12 years, she operated l'Abri'cot, a B&B in Knowlton, and when Jean wanted to join the inn-keeping business, she was delighted. Danielle loves to cook, and she finds pleasure in inventing, innovating and refining the plates she serves. Breakfast includes a cup of yogurt with fresh fruits, daily fresh croissants and a main course. These are a delicately thin omelette wrapped around a filling of fresh spinach, basil and various cheeses, eggs Benedict or Florentine, crêpes with ham and cheese or fruits to name a few. Danielle takes great care and pride in the presentation of her plates - an influence of her studies in Visual Arts at Concordia University.

The inn's breakfast room is lit by the rising sun, which streams in through a bay window. Some of Danielle's artwork adorns the walls, and the living room holds several of the couple's souvenirs from sailing 50-foot sloops around the Caribbean and the South Pacific."

Our B&B...

A short story of the house
The house was built in 1907 for Doctor John Adams, dentist, his wife and their seven children. Horses wandered between the house and the river and the veterinarian lived in a neighboring house. One of the sons of Doctor Adams, Marston, was a founding member of mount Orford as a ski resort. The mountain unfortunately got back to him since he died from a fall while skiing! The children of Aldeth (picture) came to stay on different occasions and told us about these and other souvenirs. Aldeth can be seen on the lap of her father, doctor Adams, together with her sister Beatrice in 1907.


The Heagans family then lived in the house from 1940 to 1955 prior to the Campbells and their five children until 1995. During the 1960s, the Campbell family sold part of the land for the construction of the english elementary school "Princess Elizabeth" and other lots where our present neighbors live. Our lot however conserved its original 200 feet depth.

When their children grew and left the house, the Campbells successively opened a foster home for youngsters and later on for elderly people. It is during this period that the house became known as "The Campbell House". The name became official with the conversion of the house into a B&B in 1995.